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Playback Background:

Playback was founded in September 1998 following consultation work with children and young people with complex disabilities using the medium of play. The consultations were a result of the campaigning efforts of two mothers, Liz Fitzpatrick and Margaret Scott, who had, on behalf of their own children and others, organised an opportunity for these young people to have their voices heard in relation to their personal experiences, needs, inclusion and service provision.

Playback has developed into two component organisations:

Playback ICE, was established and launched in April 2000 which aims to contribute to changing hearts and minds, attitudes to and perceptions of differences and diversity whilst also supporting the implementation of government priorities and legislation around inclusion, citizenship and equality. We believe that these key concepts need to be firmly rooted in the school curriculum to develop children’s learning and thinking to support them on their journey to becoming engaged citizens, lifelong responsible learners, who are self-aware, caring and connected to others.

We support these concepts by developing inclusive educational resources that addresses children and young people’s wellbeing and skills development. In addition to this we develop supportive school improvement planning resources and career long professional learning opportunities for staff. Our resources are both published and digital to support delivery and enable access to all learners as they prepare for life, learning and work in the 21st century.

The Playback Trust, which was established as a charity in May 2001 and continues to offer children and young people with additional support needs, opportunities to have fun and participate in their communities as active contributors.

Liz Fitzpatrick

Liz has a military and health background serving in army hospitals in the UK as well as Hong Kong and the NHS. Due to her son’s Cerebral Palsy she felt her skills and campaigning work were best suited to improving children’s awareness of themselves and others through their educational experiences. She believes that everyone has something to offer no matter their starting point in life or levels of support they require. We all have the capacity to be the best that we can be and be motivated to lead a full, productive and meaningful life.

She is a highly motivated, campaigner, mother and business woman who has directed Playback ICE and the Playback Trust since their inception in 1998.

Since 1998, Playback ICE has:

  1. Published the ‘Knowing Me’ Self-Evaluative Curricular Resource for Pupils
  2. Achieved Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Approved Centre status to deliver Leadership and Management Professional Development Awards SCQF Levels 7, 8 and 9
  3. Produced school improvement resources to lead and effect change – most recently Our School IS – Planning for Growth
  4. Produced the ICE Pack, Knowing Me, Knowing You for children 3 – 12 years promoting social and emotional wellbeing and skills development
  5. Produced 20 SCQF accredited units focused on wellbeing, employability skills and personal and social development offering learners up to 51 SCQF Credits
  6. Produced our universal educational resources in published and digital formats
  7. Designed and produced quality Career Long Professional Development (CLPL) Programmes for practitioners involved in the education of others

This is reflective of our commitment to the promotion of equitable outcomes for all in education in line with the priorities of educational establishments, local authorities and national government.

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick


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