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Playback ICE Ltd has been established since 2000 working extensively with a wide range of educational establishments within Scotland. We have also gained a broad understanding of education across the globe by working with educationalist in England, Canada and the Europe including; Lithuania, Turkey, Ireland, Denmark and Italy.

Playback ICE understands and has identified common priorities of governments across the world to ensure and sustain a work force that can respond to the needs of an ever changing world market. All governments recognise that this can only be achieved through education within a healthy and inclusive school ethos. We believe that this requires a flexible curriculum to deliver the key concepts of inclusion, equality and citizenship, meet the needs of all learners and ensure all children are motivated to lead a full, productive and meaningful life.

We know governments are working towards achieving excellence in schools in order to ensure learners are equipped, skilled and prepared to take their place in society, the world of work and life in the 21st century.

Playback ICE has responded to these priorities by:

  • Becoming an Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Approved Centre delivering Professional Development Awards in Leadership to any school staff
  • Producing school improvement resources to support school in planning for growth through self-improvement
  • Developing SCQF accredited essential skills, wellbeing and personal development programmes aged 3 – 25 years
  • Developing universal educational products both published and digital
  • Designing quality Career Long Professional Development (CLPL) Programmes.

We have achieved this through our team of educationalists who have extensive experience across early years, primary, secondary and tertiary education as well as in the special school sectors. Their experience includes:

  • school leadership and management
  • leadership development
  • self-evaluation and improvement planning at strategic and operational levels
  • health promotion
  • classroom management
  • curriculum development
  • student assessment and progression – monitoring and tracking
  • teaching and learning approaches
  • parental involvement and family learning

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick