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The ICE Pack associated CPD session offers schools a framework to deliver a first class health and wellbeing curriculum as well as contributes to practitioners’ professional obligation to CLPL and entitlement to CPD. Schools will benefit from this session as it will:

  • establish effective practice and confirm the importance of health and wellbeing and essential skills development within a first class primary curriculum
  • familiarise practitioner with the content of the ICE Pack Knowing Me, Knowing You and confirm the multi-functional uses of the resource
  • ensure practitioners are confident to deliver the themes and lesson ideas within the ICE pack
  • familiarise practitioners with the digital elearning resource developed to support delivery of the ICE pack, support pupil profiles and personal learning planning
  • promote a whole school approach by supporting practitioners to plan a social and emotional learning programme and skills development programme across nursery and primary

The session can be delivered during:

  • A cluster or learning community session promoting collaboration and partnership working across local nursery and primary schools
  • An in-service day – AM or PM Session
  • A collegiate session during term time 3.15 – 5.15 pm

The session will support practitioners involved in the delivery of health and wellbeing and senior managers involved in curricular planning of health and wellbeing.

All participants will receive a personal CPD certificate confirming CPD hours. They will also receive all additional materials to support delivery e.g. classroom planners, links to the 4 capacities within Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland) and assessment is for learning ethos.

Minimum number of participants: 8

Maximum number of participants: negotiable

The cost is dependent on numbers of staff and if a cluster/learning community approach is applied

To discuss further please contact:


Phone: +44 (0)131 453 5514