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External Relationships offers a ready made resource that will support school leaders to establish and maintain good community relationships as it engages all stakeholders in the community including local organisations, business leaders, churches and community groups. The resource will assist the school in developing a sense of identity, fostering the broad aims of inclusion, difference and diversity. It offers an evaluative questionnaire to identify and assess the local community’s perceptions of the learning community in order to improve and develop links and partnership working practices to benefit the wellbeing of children.

The resource will:

  • identify current good practice and areas for improvement with regard to community relationships by encouraging the involvement of all community stakeholders in an evaluation of the school
  • develop an understanding of the importance of engaging community stakeholders to benefit all members of the school community
  • foster positive relationships to improve the wellbeing, learning experiences and performance of the school
  • encourage community stakeholders in areas for improvement

This resource offers evaluative questionnaires designed to assess community members’ current perceptions and views of the school in relation to friendliness, involvement of community members, diversity, the school as a community resource and communication.

Where possible a group of children should be involved in leading this as a project. The evaluation questionnaires should be distributed to all community groups/clubs and a large representative sample of individuals living in the community, as this will provide a more credible reflection and assessment of views.

The resource supports How Good Is Our School 4 (HGIOS 4) (Scotland 2015.) and also takes account of ‘The evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained schools and academies’, Ofsted, 2012. (UK)

This resource supports the Getting it right for every child agenda (GIRFEC Scotland and Every Child Matters, UK).

Cost: £25.00

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