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The How Well Do You Know Your School? resource was developed from an identified need by schools and practitioners in order to support them to create a healthy and inclusive school community. This resource offers a whole school approach to improved planning, classroom practice, partnership working and parental involvement. This approach will ultimately impact positively on children’s learning and have a measurable impact on professionalism.

The resource will:

  • support schools to work towards achieving excellence
  • provide a tool for rigorous, practical self-evaluation leading to and impacting on pupils’ learning
  • firmly embeds self-evaluation and confirms the benefits and positive outcomes of self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • encourage collegiate working in order to achieve consensus
  • builds relationships and offers opportunities for staff to share or model good practice
  • enhance and supports school reporting, action and improvement planning
  • actively engages and involves all staff, parents/carers, pupils and the wider community in assessing and developing policy and practice
  • provide a flexible on-going evaluative approach that can adapt to the particular needs of individual schools/settings
  • embed the key components of holistic health and wellbeing and inclusion

This resource supports the Getting it right for every child agenda (GIRFEC Scotland and Every Child Matters, UK). The resource supports How Good Is Our School 4 (HGIOS 4) (Scotland 2015.) and also takes account of ‘The evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained schools and academies’, Ofsted, 2012. (UK)

The resource supports all stakeholders in the school community to develop a participative self-evaluative approach to improve school planning and practice leading to improved planning and practice.

The contents include:

  • Wholoe school introductory activities leading to a school values and vision statement
  • Leadership, organisation, structure, line management and decision-making
  • Active Participation
  • Putting Policies into Practice
  • Working Practices
  • Teaching and Learning Approaches
  • Working in Partnership
  • Internal Relationships
  • External Relationships

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