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Internal Relationships offers a ready made resource that will support school leaders to create an environment of mutual trust, respect and effective communication between pupils, parents/carers and staff, to support children’s learning. It provides school leaders with evaluative questionnaires that will identify perceptions of relationships within the school in relation to values, respect and a sense of belonging. All participants will benefit from an environment that is nurturing and welcoming that offers opportunities to have their voices heard.

The resource will:

  • assist in evaluating perceptions of the relationships within the school community
  • support a healthy ethos and environment for learning and teaching
  • develop an understanding of the importance of engaging with all key stakeholders in the process of developing relationships within the school community
  • identify areas for improvement that will enhance the relationships within the school to improve the health and wellbeing of the whole school community

This resource offers three evaluation questionnaires designed to assess pupils, staff and parents’/carers current perceptions and views of the school in relation to friendliness, respect, parental involvement in children’s learning, communication systems, information dissemination, consultation processes and use of parental skills.

The resource supports How Good Is Our School 4 (HGIOS 4) (Scotland 2015.) and also takes account of ‘The evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained schools and academies’, Ofsted, 2012. (UK)

This resource supports the Getting it right for every child agenda (GIRFEC Scotland and Every Child Matters, UK).

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