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Leadership and Management of the Work of Others 22 SCQF Credits Level 7 (GH2J 47)

This PDA includes two units:

  • Provide Leadership in your area of Responsibility DR75 04
  • Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility FD3K 04

This PDA is complaint with management obligation to address staff development and professional obligation of teachers to continuous professional learning. These will provide opportunities for capacity building by adding to existing qualifications in line with Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) and will contribute to the General Teaching Council (GTC, Scotland).

The PDA are competency based delivered onsite which allow candidates to choose the units that match their requirements within the school context whilst reflecting an aspect of the school improvement plan.

Candidates are supported through an ePortfolio to evidence against the SQA performance criteria and Playback’s SQA Assessor and Verifier.

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T: 0131 453 5514

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