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Mission Statement

We aspire to be leaders in the provision of learning and teaching resources, school improvement planning tools and training services. We want to support educators to enrich the lives of learners and the learning communities in which they develop, as they aspire to live a life they have reason to value.

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick


Practically there should be for each of us a busy, useful and happy life – more you cannot expect, a greater blessing the world cannot bestow. Busy we must be, as the demand is great. Useful our life must be as we care for those who need help, gentle hands and a tender heart. Happy lives shall be yours because you will be busy and useful having been initiated into the great secret that happiness lies in a vocation which satisfies the soul. That we are here to add what we can not to get what we can from life.

In memory of Dr John Ross, MBE, Physician and Friend