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Playback’s Moving On – Transition in Action Award provides personalised learning opportunities with appropriate SCQF recognition credit rated by the Scottish Qualification Authority at Levels 3 and 4.

The award supports practitioners’ offering them fully prepared ready-made guidance notes including unit assessments and individual learners through a personal portfolio to evidence their learning. This saves time on planning and preparation to deliver the unit outcomes, as well as allowing practitioners to get on with the job of teaching and tracking learners achievements.

This comprehensive personal and social development programme ensures learners develop their core and soft skills for learning, life and work. It supports them in their personal learning planning and transition to a positive destination. It will support learners in many different learning communities including, school, training providers, residential care and colleges.

Learners can complete all 10 units offered to achieve the full award or complete one or more units relevant to the time allocated to their learning in this area. The total number of notional learning hours is 240 equal to 24 SCQF Credits

The learners’ portfolios are offered in three different formats including:

  1. Publish portfolios
  2. Moodle eLearning platform
  3. Proof Positive eLearning platform

Our programmes also embrace Curriculum for Excellence values and principles as well as supporting schools to celebrate the wider achievement of learners (aged 12 – 18 years) including INSIGHT (Scotland).

Playback’s SCQF Awards: SCQF UNITS - list

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