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How Well Do You Work With People? provides a framework for school leaders that will enhance and build on their current capacity to improve and achieve the journey to excellence through focused self-evaluation questions in the following areas.

  • A collective commitment to improvement
  • Being data rich
  • Being empowered to influence the future development and direction of the school
  • Continuing and critical enquiry
  • Continuing professional development
  • Giving pupils a voice and enabling them to take responsibility
  • Having their capabilities extended
  • Welcoming challenges
  • Being encouraged through a vibrant and progressive school culture and climate

This resource supports the Getting it right for every child agenda (GIRFEC Scotland and Every Child Matters, UK). The resource also addresses each of the five ‘Areas of Excellence’ identified by HMI (Scotland): Culture and Ethos, Partnerships, Learning and Teaching, Vision and Leadership. The resource supports How Good Is Our School 4 (HGIOS 4) (Scotland 2015.) and also takes account of ‘The evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained schools and academies’, Ofsted, 2012. (UK ) Reference source: The Journey to Excellence

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