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School Improvement

How to Achieve a Healthy and Inclusive School Ethos

Improved outcomes and increased attainment are achieved where inclusion, health and wellbeing are promoted as part of an integrated whole-school approach. This programme will provide head teachers with an insight into how they can create a healthy and inclusive school ethos and sense of community. The programme will demonstrate how this can be achieved through a participatory self-evaluation approach to improve planning and practice. The programme will offer a practical framework to engage all key stakeholders in the process of achieving a healthy and inclusive school ethos.

Effective School Improvement Planning

This programme will provide new and aspiring head teachers with an insight into the importance of effective and consistent school planning and will emphasise the importance of self-evaluation to lead, promote and sustain school improvement within a framework of current educational, philosophy and legislation.

Review of school improvement planning – this session/s will be compiled by our specialist consultant and school leaders who will identify the priority areas for development and inform improvement planning by reviewing current priorities and inspection reports.

Moving Towards Transformational Change

This session aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of the schools position from the wider perspective.
  2. Identify aspects of the changing role of school staff.
  3. Identify recurring challenges within the
  4. Consider solution focused strategies towards transformational change in terms of the identified challenges.
  5. The ongoing process of self-evaluation.

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