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Mojo and Friends is a beautifully written and illustrated storybook which captures children’s imagination through its characterisation of fascinating unusual animals. These include; Maisie B, Mojo, Betty Boo, Lissa the loud Lama, Tina the one-eyed Tiger, a Fish out of water, Matthew the Monkey, the Elephant who forgot and Steven, the snake who couldn’t speak.

Mojo and Friends will help children aged 3 – 8 years to understand that:

  • being different is a positive thing
  • we are all unique individuals
  • friendship is important for everyone
  • it is good to have friends
  • it is good to feel included and be accepted by our peers

Each of the characters tell an individual story in a very carefully planned and sensitive way allowing children to explore difference, their feelings towards it, how that makes them feel, and how they cope with feelings and attitudes.

Each of the SEVEN stories are designed to encourage and promote discussion and learning in emotional and social intelligence, whereby encouraging children to be inclusive, treat each other equally, and to value and consider the feelings of others.

It encourages children to value and consider the feelings of others and recognise that we are all good at something. The resource supports Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC, Scotland) (Every Child Matters, UK.)

The Mojo and Friends stories lend themselves to emotional development and have the potential for interdisciplinary learning e.g. drama, art and language.

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