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Playback ICE is now an SQA Approved Centre

Approved to deliver SQA Professional Development Awards in Leadership and Management – SCQF Levels 7, 8 and 9

The awards can provide teaching staff and other practitioners with opportunities to develop and be recognised for their leadership skills through SQA qualifications.  They include

  • Managing Self and the Work of Others = SCQF Credits 22 – SCQF Level 7 (GC6H 47)
  • Leadership and Management of The Work of Others  SCQF Credits 23 – SCQF Level 7 (GH2J 47)
  • Leadership  SCQF Credits 20 – SCQF Level 8 (G9MN 48)
  • Leading Change SCQF Credits 27 – SCQF Level 9 (GCG 49)
  • Planning and Implementing Change – SCQF Credits 26 SCQF Level 9 (GC6F 49)

What are the benefits for staff in their professional development?

  • School based, innovative project opportunities that demonstrate your management and leadership capabilities and provide you with a recognised SQA Management
  • Leadership and Management opportunities linked to the school improvement plan – practical leadership development and accreditation for work you are already undertaking through school projects
  • Opportunities for capacity building by adding to existing qualifications in line with Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) and will contribute to the GTC
  • Opportunity to identify and lead change in your own setting to improve practice and ‘make a difference’, whilst improving your own managerial and leadership
  • A practical insight into the current concepts of what effective leadership means within education in the 21st
  • A complimentary approach as you progress to future academic leadership’s
  • Competency based awards delivered onsite which allow candidates to choose the units that match their requirements within the school context whilst reflecting the school improvement
  • Up to date accreditation and evidence for the purposes of applications and interviews for management

Who can participate?

The PDAs encourage disseminated leadership opportunities for those staff who are seeking and recognise the value of accredited leadership opportunities. PDAs allow staff to demonstrate and developed their role within the school including:

  • Deputy Head Teachers
  • Principal Teachers
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Support Staff

What kind of support will candidates receive?

  • training in SQA processes, advice and support in the context of projects’ and school developments
  • online support through our Proof Positive online learning site including SQA Candidate Support Packs
  • practical resources from Playback to support the identified project where appropriate
  • mentoring/support from the head teachers and Playback assessors
  • practical guidance through school support visits and/ or assessors meetings
  • guidance on assessment procedures, evidence gathering and timelines
  • guidance on linking and evidencing core skills, performance criteria, behaviours and knowledge and understanding to the expectations within relevant PDA units of work

Candidate will be required to:

  1. Participate in an Induction session that includes: Rationale of SQA PD Awards, Playbacks Role, completion of a pre- course candidate assessment, evaluation questionnaire and profile.
  2. Familiarise with Proof Positive System – set targets and complete a Template Action Plan.
  3. Participate in an individual session with their assessor confirming guidance and support available – candidates action plan for their projects mapped to relevant PDA, resources identified to provide both practical and academic support including log in to proof positive on line portfolio.

Candidates will receive:

  • A personal Leadership profile
  • Playback’s resources to support PDA units if appropriate
  • Personal online portfolio
  • On line SQA candidates Induction Pack
  • Mentoring and coaching support
  • Assessment and Verifier Services
  • SQA Certification

If you would like to discuss a consultation project, then please contact Playback.

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Phone: +44 (0)131 453 5514