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‘Knowing Me’ A Health and Well-being Curricular Resource – Promoting Pupil Voice for Secondary Pupils




NEW RESOURCE! Download this new resource presentation for your review. The presentation provides an overview of the resource, how it will support national priorities around wellbeing and skills development and generate robust, reliable data to evidence pupil progress and their personal journey to improvement.

We know that assessment of young people’s progress throughout primary school and in secondary S1–S3 is based on teachers’ “professional judgement” and will continue to be the most important way of assessing their progress. The ‘Knowing Me’ resource provides an ongoing self-evaluative tool that will support learners to reflect and review themselves, to identify and evidence their own progress, achievements and development needs. Schools can target individuals or groups of students in the first instance or use across the whole school from S1 to S3 providing learners with a record of their journey and experiences and to support their broad general education and profiling. The resource is available in published and digital formats.

Download the presentation for your review.


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