I am pleased to inform you that the Playback ICE Digital Resource relating to the primary school Knowing Me, Knowing You Resource has a new updated interface and design for staff to access the resource materials more easily.

The changes made to the digital resource are outlined below.

  1. The Web Address is now – https://playback-elearning.com (note if you click on the original link you will be redirected to the new address automatically)
  2. All practitioners will continue to use the same personal login details.
  3. Once logged in they will see a different home page.
  4. They should click on the ICE Pack ICON to access their resources in the Course Overview Section
  5. We have also included a news update section that will be updated on a regular basis.

Staff can access new resources for pupils and teaching staff, including:

  • Classroom Planners from Nursery – Primary 7 linked to E&Os and Girfec Wellbeing Indicators
  • Pupil Activity – Pupil Statements linked to Girfec Well-being Indicators (can be used with Parents)
  • Top Twenty Skills – Findings from teaching staff re skills development and Staff Activity
  • Self-Reflective Activity for Staff – Adults as Role Models – Reflect on your daily Routine Performance
  • Mojo and Friends Story Book – Web link included in Planning and Implementation documents for all staff to access the flipping book

We have developed a new Pupil Resource to support Well-being and Skills Development. If you would like more information about this pupil resource, please get in touch with me directly. Information and sample data can be found on the web site.

Thank you

Liz Fitzpatrick